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Excellent view of the Utricle and Saccule and dehiscent Facial (VII) Nerve.  Dehiscence of the Facial Nerve is a frequent finding.  The most common area of dehiscence is the undersurface of the horizontal portion of the nerve, next to the Stape's Footplate.  Care should be taken not to in inadvertently  injure this area with otologic picks when performing a stapedectomy.

Click hear to view the Vestibule which contains the Utricle and Saccule.

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This slide shows the Vestibule with the Crus Commune which will branch into the Superior Semicircular Canal (shown in slide 216) and the Posterior Semicircular Canal (shown in slide 236).
Close Up of VII Nerve, Cochlea and Vestibule   Graph of Close Up View of VII, Cochlea and Vestibule

Diagram:  V: Vestibule; CC: Crus Commune; S: Stapes; VII: Facial Nerve; HSCC: Horizontal Semicircular Canal; S: Stapes; I: Incus; M: Malleus; TM: Tympanic Membrane (ear drum); IAC:  Internal Auditory Canal and VIII (Vestibulocochlear) Nerve; EAC:  External Auditory Canal; Cochlea; Mastoid Air Cells

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Excellent view of Utricle, Saccule and Organ of Corti.  Dehiscent VII Nerve next to Stapes Footplate.  
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Diagram:  PSCC: Posterior Semicircular Canal; CC: Crus Commune; HSCC: Horizontal Semicircular Canal;  V: Vestibule; VII:  Facial Nerve; C: Cochlea; IAC: Internal Auditory Canal and VIII (Vestibulocochlear) Nerve; CA: Carotid Artery, EAC: External Auditory Canal; Stapes; Malleus; Mastoid Air Cells.

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